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Neon sign production in Cannes

Make your logo shine with neon

Order your neon LEDs and illuminated signs from the Cannes I Print team.

Do you have a logo or text to adapt to neon? Send us your files by email and we'll give you a price and send you a mock-up. Give your ideas free rein and turn your inspiration into made-to-measure neon.

Choose your size, font and shape. We can carry out your neon signage project in Cannes and throughout the Côte d'Azur.

You're about to open a shop or restaurant. Choose the essential kit with a flag sign, illuminated letters for your facade and custom neon for your interior.

All our neon signs come with a one-year electrical guarantee, but this guarantee does not cover accidents due to use.

Introducing LED flex neon sign

Neon Flex is a new and innovative solution for the manufacture of illuminated signs and signage. Designed to replace traditional neon tubes, Neon Flex uses high-brightness LEDs encapsulated in a flexible plastic tube.

This new material has enabled the democratisation of illuminated logos. As well as being economical, the product offers total freedom of personalisation. It doesn't matter what the size, colour or visual is. Anything is possible with neon flex.

Thanks to its flexible structure, Neon Flex can be bent, curved and shaped to fit any surface or shape, giving exceptional design freedom.

The lighting is uniform and adjustable using the remote control supplied.

The LEDs used in Neon Flex have an exceptionally long life (up to 50,000 hours) and very low energy consumption.

Neon Flex is therefore the essential decorative medium for highlighting your brand, your products or creating a unique setting. It's a real alternative to traditional neon tubes, which are less versatile, more expensive and consume a lot of electricity...

When it comes to fixings, there are three choices:

  • Suspension with steel cables

  • Mounted on stainless steel spacers (spacer screws)

  • Double-sided fixing

  • Free-standing (anticipate the shape of the bottom of the panel so that it can stand on its own)

Our advertising agency prints all your advertising panels and delivers them to you throughout the Côte d'Azur (Cannes, Mandelieu, Mougins, Cagnes, Nice...).

We also manufacture and install advertising signs. Illuminated relief signs; 3D signs with LED lighting and light box.

Custom LED logo signagne in Cannes.

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